“NOT FOR SALE” project – 1999


is a touring exhibition of eight artists from Greece, the Netherlands, and Spain.

The project presents paintings which are indifferent to aesthetic norms and which are not for sale. This decision attempts to free the paintings exposed from the rules and the logic of the art market, which the group reject. Indirectly or symbolically it declares the group’s disdain to participate in the hushed-up but all-powerful”compliance-and-recompense” system which dominated art affairs.

The artists involved in the project are not concerned about self promotion, they are focussed on the fact of expression itself. For these reasons the work shown in the exhibition is nameless, title-less, price-less and in black and white.

The first exhibition of the Gaidaro group (which later founded the Gaidaro Foundation) was organized at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam, in the Machinegebouw. The exhibition was then moved to Athens and to Madrid.

a black and white



Amsterdam  Athens  Madrid

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