about Gaidaro

Gaidaro is an art foundation set up in 1999, in The Hague – Netherlands.
Its initial form has been a group of artists aiming to move the attention away from the entertainment aspect of art which has diluted the art world, towards a more direct and raw form. Since 2003 the Gaidaro Foundation made space for more artists to participate in the projects.

In the pursue of the “show”, both spectator and artist have been deprived from their contemplation moments in front of art. Giving focus to the essentials, Gaidaro presents projects where the artworks have no etiquettes. The ensemble carries the concept of each project and the signature of the group. The limiting boundaries of the individual identities are surpassed. Gaidaro is a new identity created by the fusion of individuals with different nationalities, life courses, and artistic aspirations.

Activities: The organisation and promotion of cultural events, mainly in the field of contemporary art; exhibitions, books, magazines, and Internet publications. Activities have taken place in Greece, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, and Spain.

Gaidaro’s leading members are: Sofia Kapnissi specialises in project concept and research, and general coordination. As completion of her art studies in Greece and The Netherlands, she followed a post graduate programme for Cultural and Artistic Management in Brussels.

K_Van is closely involved in the concept build-up of the projects. He specialises in the organisation of the practical aspects of the group. This includes the technical and the multimedia support and the design and implementation of the exhibition plans.


basic principles of Gaidaro

statuten stichting Gaidaro

Gaidaro een ANBI instelling

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