Mama’s Arts – 2008

15 November – 14 December 2008

“Mama’s arts” press release

What: An art exhibition of works made with textile techniques like embroidering, sewing, weaving, knitting or any related technique that involves handwork. The project is an experiment of compiling works with connecting thread the idea of textile within the notion of non-product. However this very specific theme of textile, don’t be surprised if you also see videos or are confronted with an action-performance. Our goal is to expand to the limits of our self set margins.

Concept: The idea is to show how traditional media of creation -specifically historically female art crafts – are incorporated in the contemporary artistic process.

Description: “mama’s arts” is yet another project of the Stichting Gaidaro, an organisation created and managed by artists, directed to the search of the basics in art. It is the quest for balance between the new imagination that the digital world provokes and the traditional imagery transported to the contemporary days through hand works. It aims to be a reminder of the pleasure that tangible – time consuming activities can give and a support to the re-evaluation of the incredible abilities of creation that our grandmothers and mothers have shown in their known casual way.

Who: 37 artists from many sides of the world, brought together by Stichting Gaidaro and the project “geborgen kamers” which transforms the rooms of abandoned houses or shops to temporary art spaces. The participating artists are:

Gianni Barelli (Italy-Netherlands)
Georgina Bell (U.K.)
Jerry Bleem (U.S.A.)
Sara Bomans (Belgium)
Simone ten Bosch (Netherlands)
Tsz Man Chan (Hong Kong–U.K.)
Maria Chorianopoulou (Greece)
Suzanne Collins (Ireland)
Angela Darby (Northern Ireland)
Eddy Devolder (Belgium)
Lucia Elefante (Italy)
Maria Ezcurra (Mexico)
Alexis Jahiel (France)
Rosie James (U.K.)
Seiko Kinoshita (Japan-U.K.)
Iwona Liegmann (Poland)
Anya Liftig ( U.S.A.)
Maja Linke (Germany)
Allison Lynn (U.K.)
Miranda Maher (U.S.A.)
Gordana Majnaric (Croatia)
Matters of Appearance (Germany)
Eirini Mavodones (U.S.A.-Belgium)
Katie McGown (U.K.)
Gabi Mitterer (Austria)
Kali Nikolou (Greece-Netherlands)
Victorine Pasman (Netherlands)
Daliborka Pesic (Serbia)
Susa Schintler-Zuerner (Austria)
Veronika Schubert (Austria)
Tilleke Schwarz (Netherlands)
Patricia Tinajero (U.S.A.)
Olivia Valentine (U.S.A.)
Peter Yarwood (U.K.)
Ute Zaunbauer (Austria)

And a contribution by the organizers K_Van and Sofia Kapnissi

mamas poster


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