De Geborgen Kamers van Transvaal – 2007

An art book, an artists’ book, with a subtle reference to the district that would soon no longer exist. We wanted to leave behind proof of the energy that art has given to the otherwise empty buildings and streets.

All participants were artists working in The Hague. They had been involved with the activities which found place in Transvaal in the period 2006-2007 through exhibiting work, organizing  workshops, or other artistic activities that became incorporated in the part of Transvaal that was about to be demolished; Johannesburgstraat, Brandtstraat, Kempstraat, Vaalrivierstraat and DeLaReyweg.

Artists/writers: Alet Kortenoeven, Susan de Kruiff, Myung Feyen, K_Van, Helmi Heerkens, Thorsten Nass, Sofia Kapnissi, Nishiko.

Contents, in Dutch:

Inleiding 5

Dit is mijn plek

Alet Kortenoeven 6

Markt St. Petersburg


Susan de Kruiff 12

Nul drie nul acht twee nul nul zeven

Een zes nul negen twee nul nul zeven

Een een een een twee nul nul zeven

Myung Feyen 18

Alfonso lekte

K_Van 24


Helmi Heerkens 30

Agent Mr. Staedy

Thorsten Nass 36

Hoe succes te overleven

Sofia Kapnissi 42

De neus in het oogzichtsveld

Nishiko 48

Dankwoord 56

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