“Gaidaro on Tour – a european story” publication – 1999

‘A manifestation of Gaidaro. Art has a long history of questioning its dependency on the patronage of wealth and power. Sometimes it manages to transcend that dependency after a long struggle, sometimes by felicitous coincidence. Mostly, however, it creates and destroys itself, leaving behind apparently pathetic monuments to the failed ideal.’ [introduction, par. 1]

The book consists out of stories of travels and obsessions, linked with pictures.
Each chapter is an individual world, yet all connected with the intention
to recreate the inner ambience from which the paintings emerge.

The book is written and produced by the artists themselves.


Preview: ‘Black and White: About painting’ [p. 13]

Preview: ‘The black is the white is the black’, by Pablo Casal [pp. 62-67]



Numbered edition
Size: 210 x 255 mm
pages: 71
ISBN 960-86469-0-1

price: € 19,50 (postage costs for Europe included, for oversees we calculate case by case)

Please order using the contact form. Payment through Paypal at artbgaidaro[at]yahoo.com


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