An artists’ book with a subtle reference to the district that would soon no longer exist. The Hague, 2007

15 November – 14 December 2008 “Mama’s arts” press release What: An art exhibition of works made with textile techniques like embroidering, sewing, weaving, knitting or any related technique that involves handwork. The project is an experiment of compiling works with connecting thread the idea of textile within the notion of non-product. However this very […]

KÖLNER LISTE – die Entdeckermesse für zeitgenössische Kunst 16. – 19. April 2015 | The New Yorker DOCK.ONE & HARBOUR.CLUB | Hafenstraße 1, Köln – Mülheim | Opening: 15. April 2015 Save

  Artists: K_Van Sofia Kapnissi  


The Geborgen Kamers (secured rooms) is the exhibition space of the Gaidaro Foundation. Art with its continuous expansion or acceptance of new forms is constantly repositioning the limits of its language; society regards multiplicity as a problem and therefore comes out more as a rigid defender of its own forms than a renewer. There are […]

Art installation with theater performances on video screens of the story of Antigone, as told by Sophocles in the 5th century BC and retold by Jean Anouilh in the 40’s.

“Epoch one” is an installation of four paintings 120×100 cm each. It is set up on the idea that humans, by pursuing the high technological wave of the last era, have unknowingly been disconnecting themselves from their own self-image. In this sudden boom of unlimited information exchange, people have lost focus of their own thoughts. […]

Art projects for new images of peace

The project remastering the masters is an approach to view the idea of “masters” by the individual members point of view and as a result takes a position that may vary from criticism to admiration. Through art work made on this theme an attempt is made to dive inside the formal and cultural problems or […]